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EFTS provides advice and training for all aspects of fisheries research and management. Electric fishing training can be done at EFTS's training location (in Dorset UK) or at the clients premises.

Training is split into Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced courses, however, bespoke courses can also be arranged.





The Elementary course is designed for those with little or no experience of electric fishing. The course covers basic theory of electric fishing, setting up equipment for differing conditions, Health and Safety aspects and using the equipment. A considerable part of the course is practical hands-on using the equipment. Attendees get a certificate of attendance.

The Intermediate course is designed for those who have some practical experience of electric fishing. It covers in more depth the theory of electric fishing, basic circuit theory, how to optimise settings for differing water conductivities and fish welfare. The course includes two written exams giving the attendees a certificate of competence.

The Advanced course goes into detail regarding electrical circuit theory, the calculation of circuit resistance and how to calculate system power demand. Power transfer theory is also taught. A reasonable ability of maths is required.

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