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NEWS FLASH 2 // The Book!


After over 40 years experience of using electricity in fisheries research, Bill has put that knowledge and experience into print and just published a book on the various uses of electricity in fisheries studies (W R C Beaumont, Electricity in Fish Research and Management: theory and practice, 2nd edition, published by Wiley Blackwell).

There is a need in fishery management and research for information that reaches out to all levels of understanding in the field. The book covers electric fishing (including theory, equipment, data analysis and practical factors affecting efficiency), fish barriers, fish counters and fish welfare issues. Previous books on this subject have either been collections of scientific papers / technical reports or very simple instruction manuals. In this book, theory and practice are explained in detail but using non-technical language and simple equations.


It is hoped that it will be a valuable resource to both fisheries managers and researchers.

​June, 2016

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